As keen users of technology and members of a 21st century society, we have a ‘Digital Leaders’ group at Simonside.  We have been running the group in our Golden times for some time now and have used this as an opportunity to provide the Key Stage 2 children with the chance to choose computing skills that they can teach the Key Stage 1 children, promoting an enjoyment of the Computing Curriculum and enabling the older children to enhance their computing and leadership skills.

We have been using apps, such as Tynker, which allow the children to take part in the same activities, using different levels of programming language. This has allowed all of the children to work on the same level of the app but meet specific age-related expectations.

Not only have the Key Stage 2 children helped the younger children, but our younger children have also supported the older children when working as a team to solve problems in a logical manner.

Not only do our Digital Leader sessions allow for development of computing and leadership skills, they also provide children with the opportunity to work alongside children from other year groups and develop strong friendships across the school.

There are grand plans afoot to develop the Digital Leaders group further within school so watch this space for details…