At Simonside, we are passionate about creating a curriculum with our children’s interests at the heart and where every child can achieve.  We consistently review our curriculum to ensure it meets the demands of a 21st century education and remains broad, balanced, progressive and meets the individual needs of our children.

Staff at Simonside work hard to ensure that the curriculum we deliver is exciting, challenging and one through which we can inspire a love of life-long learning.  We are passionate about creating REAL learning opportunities for our children, where learning has a purpose and value beyond the walls of the classroom and we do this through our Project Based Learning approach.

Each term, the children at SImonside participate in a project launch, where they discover what their learning will focus on and what they will be hoping to produce by the end of their project. These launches are not just an ordinary day at Simonside…they are filled with intrigue, awe and wonder!

The children will arrive in school to discover that their learning environment has been completely transformed into a fully immersive learning experience, complete with the sights and sounds of their learning focus.  Some projects will then see the children embark on a journey as a Crime Scene Investigator whilst others involve being invited to film premiers (complete with pop corn and comfy seats!), travelling back in time to scenes of epic battles and everything in between!  In short, project launch day is not to be missed!

Some of our Project Launch Days

EYFS PBL launch

PBL launch day 2016