At Simonside Primary, we appreciate the language of music by learning about and listening to the music of great composers, music linked to world events and festivals and songs whose words inspire, communicate and teach.

Children will experience playing an instrument and experimenting with the sounds they make and the joy of learning to play as a group, to listen to rhythm and read musical notation and to evaluate compositions.

Children will enjoy singing as a collective group in a variety of contexts, such as assemblies, celebrations and also within our wider community.

We also have the benefit of a number of specialist music teachers, enabling the children to play instruments they may not otherwise experience and also to see a ‘real life’ musician at work.  During these sessions, children develop their skills in a number of areas, including performing musical pieces independently and as part of a group. The children often perform for a real audience at the end of units of work, to showcase their fabulous efforts and talent.

National Curriculum Documents