8am: Breakfast Club doors open (Drop-in Facility; No need to pre-book places)

8.45am: Y6 doors open (Spring & Summer Term 1 only)

8.50am: Doors for Y1 & 2 open

8.55am: Main doors open for all children

9.00am: Lessons begin


EYFS & Key Stage 1                                                          Key Stage 2

9 – 10am: Lesson 1                                                             9-10am: Lesson 1

10am: Phonics                                                                    10am: Hi 5 / Guided Reading

10.20am: Assembly (Mon-Thurs)                                       10.20am: Assembly (Mon-Thurs)

10.35am: Break                                                                  10.35am: Break

10.50am-12/12.05/12.10pm: Lesson 2                               10.50am-12pm: Lesson 2

12 – 1pm: Lunch (Reception)                                              12-12.20pm: Guided Reading

12.05 – 1.05pm: Lunch (Year 1)                                          12.20-1.20pm: Lunch

12.10-1.10pm: Lunch (Year 2)                                            1.20-2.20pm: Lesson 3

1/1.05/1.10 -2.20pm: Lesson 3                                           2.20-2.30pm: Break (Y3-5)

2.20-2.30pm: Break                                                            2.30-3.30pm: Lesson 4

2.30-3.25pm: Lesson 4                                                       3.30pm: End of day

3.25pm: End of day


Please note, some of the lesson/activity timings may vary, depending upon individual class timetables/events.