At Simonside Primary School, we have designed our own curriculum for PSHE following the PSHE Association, which reflects the needs of the children we teach. We focus on three key areas which are: Health and Well-being, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.

Health and Well-being 

DentistIn Reception and Key Stage One, the children will learn what contributes to a healthy lifestyle, including the benefits of physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health. They will learn to think about themselves, recognise and celebrate their strengths and set simple but challenging goals. Children will learn about positive and negative feelings, and about vocabulary that can be used to describe their feelings. The children will learn simple strategies to manage their feelings in a positive way during circle times and games.

In Key Stage Two children will have the opportunity to explore what positively and negatively affects their mental, physical and emotional health including the media. They will begin to learn the concept of a ‘balanced lifestyle’ and will learn about the types of food they eat and the benefits of eating a balanced diet.


In Reception and Key Stage One, the children explore feelings iPlaying togethern a positive way; play games and act out scenarios which will help us to communicate our feelings to each other; and to begin to learn how other people are feeling. The children learn right from wrong and how making the wrong choice can have consequences.

In Key Stage Two, the children build on skills taught in Key Stage One by learning to recognise and respond appropriately to a wider range of feelings in others. They also develop the skills to form and maintain healthy relationships with others through a range of activities.

Living in the Wider World

In Reception and Key Stage One, the children will learn about respect for themselves and respect for others, following a set of classroom expectations, and to understand how these keep them safe. They will also learn about the importance of responsible behaviours and actions. They will be taught to recognise differences between people and families and about looking after our environment through actions such as recycling. Children will also begin to learn where money comes from.

In Key Stage Two, the children will build on skills taught in Key Stage One and will have the opportunity to learn about, discuss and debate topical issues, problems and events relating to health and well-being. The children will also explore why and how rules and laws are in place to protect us. They will also learn about the different responsibilities that are needed at home, school and in the community.

Working together